Mechanical industry: How exit processing life?

Cooperation with partners in the mechanical engineering industry, in the world of heavy industry such as GE, Mitsubishi Heavy, Hyundai to gradually join the global production chain of names is a long-term orientation are Erection Corporation Vietnam (attracting) pursue.

Le Van Tuan, General Director of attracting attention: "For a long time already is attracting partners, sub-contractors are competent and trusted by many foreign businesses, but we must raise the level of consciousness is the relationship this relationship. Doing so will help her grow up faster and all the more. "

Just as subcontractors, but with the field operations and installation of mechanical plant, the foreign contractors found to be by attracting the skill of the workers.

At project Quat oil refinery - a project that requires a very high quality, attracting people of welders with certificates have higher satisfaction foreign contractors in the bidding package or product pipeline the fuel tank.

Many details of the non-standard mechanical work has been processed and manufactured in attracting plants.

In addition to the election officials, engineers, and technical workers in specialized courses to improve, to acquire new technologies in the training schools in the country and abroad, attracting even boldly spend hundreds of billions of dong to buy modern equipment for mechanical, manufacturing to order processing and mechanical products of high quality standards of industrialized countries such as the advanced UK, U.S., Japan, Germany.

"Having partners like GE have examined the capacity of attracting businesses to the next set of orders, expand their production in Vietnam. Orders are not lacking, but towards attracting orders of high, greater value to advance deeper into the mechanical industry in the world, "Tuan said.

The second story

It is not hard fouling orders simple beginnings, Tran Ba Duong, chairman and CEO of Truong Hai Auto Joint Stock Company (Thaco) said Thaco supply truck to get some truck lines mark Kia performance when exporting to regional markets, because in Vietnam cost cheaper than Korea.

Unlike many concept "is not cheap," he thought Duong, Vietnam starters, the auto industry to accept from the lowest step to gradually progress to a higher level, rather than working even in high-tech, complex and require large investment.

Certain subsidiaries of Thaco in the industrial sector of the automotive accessories have also been established to provide parts for the Kia brand cars and Thaco when manufacturing, assembled in Vietnam.


Of course, Thaco Group does not stop the processing and fabrication of simple details. Dreams of an industrial automobile engineering at Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, Yang still persist developed slowly.

Currently, Thaco are investing in production engines, firstly for trucks, with the right technology provided by Kia Motors, to increase the value of production in Vietnam.

The third story

Strive to Vietnam to participate in the global production chain is also a story at Alstom.

There were four contracts to provide mechanical and electrical equipment for thermal power projects and gas in Phu My Power Center 2000s, Alstom is continuing to increase its presence in Vietnam through hydropower projects such as Son La, Lai Chau. The purpose of the early three years of Son La hydropower plant with a capacity 2.400MW - the largest in Southeast Asia - has raised the Alstom brand as a supplier of electromechanical devices more level.

However, the concern of Alstom in Vietnam is not simply the sale of equipment for power plants.

In May 5/2012, Alstom has joined hands with Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) to establish joint venture Alstom Power Services-Phu My, namely to build a gas turbine repair workshop at the Center for Modern Phu My power plant, Ba Ria-Vung Tau. This workshop is the first gas turbine in Vietnam and is also the first of the Alstom factory in Asia in this field.

An official of Vietnam said Alstom, the winged ceramic coated gas turbine, when operating in conditions of high temperature 1,000 degrees Celsius will have to carry out inspection and maintenance.

The ceramic layer peeled off, then test layer covering the steel, drilled to the cooling of the turbine blades are the ranks of high-tech, multi-part made by robot.

So decided to move factories to Vietnam to serve the Asian market and the Pacific, not only Vietnam, not simply because to be cheap, but also the strategic significance given for industry in Vietnam.

"In 2013, this workshop will go into operation, creating new jobs, additional export orders, contributing to the country. Possible small scale initially but will gradually increase in the future , specially created certain incentives for local industry participation in global production chains of large corporations, "the official said Alstom Vietnam.

Go away with small steps

Recognizing the challenges that businesses face Vietnam today, Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai frankly admits the competition has just started home.

If local businesses do not meet, will be forced to open for business on the outside. At that time, Vietnam will now have to hire right on its main fields, the fields in which they have been known to have an advantage.

Want to know where you're going, Vietnam right now compared to the same industry group, the same field in the world, can not be content with what you have.

"The Vietnam hardworking, intelligent, but if you do not know head down to school and always advances, loser," Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai reminds. /.

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